Monday, December 2, 2013

Dr Pepper Tuition Dream

For more than ten years now, I have been teaching as a paraprofessional for the Georgia State Lottery-funded pre-kindergarten program. My first two years were spent as a head teacher in the classroom setting before the program guidelines changed requiring that I earn a higher level degree to be able to be a head teacher. Each year, I continued working towards increasing my education while attending trainings and keeping informed on the latest classroom guidelines. My passion for teaching doesn't stop with the bell at the end of the day. I want to build a safe, nurturing environment for students to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally while building a strong and positive foundation for learning. Unfortunately, there are very few programs locally that will allow for me to teach and go back to school at the same time. As a parent in addition being an educator, I cannot afford to quit working to return to school so I attend Liberty University through their online program to be able to continue building positive classroom experiences for my students while I continue my educational growth. Thank you all for doing what you can to not only assist my educational future, but the future education of every child I teach.

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