Saturday, December 7, 2013

Being a Fan of Utena

Before this blog, I really just took a commenters spot in the Utena fan world.
My number one place to communicate with other fans is the Revolutionary Girl Utena Facebook page.  
It's seriously well put together while everyone involved on conversation is open and accepting of the opions of others.  It's seriously the happiest place for me to discuss my fandom with other like-minded people.  And then there's stuff like this:

I seriously teared up and cried a little about that.  
I'm stupid crazy enough just for Utena and when the admin of this page directly engages in conversation with me I feel stupid fangirl as if I'm talking with a celebrity (though in my book, they are one).

And then, on my tumblr the other day, this happened:

For those of you that don't know, Empty Movement is the name of the internet's number one website for all things Utena!
How did, wait what?  
Um, thanks everyone that listens to me go on about Utena.  Even major names like that.  


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