Saturday, December 28, 2013

Something Eternal

Saionji, the troubled and ignored duelist.  He gets seriously ignored by many characters later in the series not helping any of his issues at all.
We'll focus more on that later.  Today we're going to focus on his drive to duel; eternity.  
I'll be honest, I don't think I truly understand this drive.  Not as confidently as I understand Miki and Juri's.  
We're not going all Ra's al Ghul and talking about eternal life, but I think what Saionji is really hoping for is something constant and unchanging in his life.  
We have Touga, his best friend, but at some point the relationship changed from friendship to rivalry.  Anthy was his engaged then just a classmate once again.  All Saionji wants is for a relationship in his life that doesn't change, that stays the same.  

I think what confuses me the most about identifying Saionji's something eternal is his drive to be Touga's equal.  He tries and pushes so hard to be like Touga that it practically overshadows eternity.  It slips out here and there.  
Maybe that has something to do with his search for something eternal.  It eludes me.

Side note: I did get the DVDs for Christmas so I will begin my rewatch/episode analysis soon.


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