Wednesday, December 4, 2013


CD-SC1 – The child will demonstrate scientific inquiry skills.
CD-SC1.4d Experiments, compares and formulates hypotheses related to scientific properties. 
WSO: Asks questions and begins to solve problems that arise during explorations.
 Activities: Grow A Critter.  These are simple toys that can be picked up at the dollar store that grow in water.  Students can generate hypotheses of what will happen to the object in the water.
Planting Seeds.  Again to generate hypothesis based on previous exploration.  An important thing to note about this indicator is that student learn to generate hypothesis based on their observations from previous experiments.
Colored Ice on Oil.  This would be fun after students observe and explore the process of melting ice.  Color water with food coloring and freeze.  Place the ice cubes on oil in a clear container and allow students to hypothesize what will happen before watching what happens when the water begins to melt.  


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