Wednesday, December 4, 2013


CD-MA1 – The child will organize, represent and build knowledge of number and quantity.
CD-MA1.4d Describes sets as having more, less, same as/equal.
WSO:  Uses words and representations to describe mathematical ideas. 

Activities: Graphs.  Graphs are a great way for children to express their opinions as well as to discuss more, less, same as/equal.  Some educators use the daily lunch choice to demonstrate this.  That's fine, but there isn't anything anywhere saying that you must review lunch count with them everyday.  Don't drain the fun out it.

Number bags (original idea).  Okay, while the original idea is also a great tool for teaching addition, take a step back and we can work with more, less, same as/equal.  Children can work to identifying which side has more, less, or same as/equal.  

Feed the mascot.  Have a stack of index cards with various quantities of objects on each one (one pizza, three goldfish, whatever you wish).  Students take turns; one flips a card and the next student flips one card.  The student with the card that has more, can feed your mascot (alligator, little old lady, monster, whatever you want to feed).  Maybe your mascot is getting full and wants to eat the one that's less.  If the cards are equal... BURP!  All the cards come back into play again!

Books: More or Less by Stuart Murphy
ClassMade (don't be afraid to make your own book with your students to demonstrate this indicator)


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