Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Characters

I have a few stories that I post on my other blog.  Each story has a focus character and a reason why I wrote them.

Katherine - I've love Katherine Excalibur for years.  I revived her for a Mutants and Masterminds campaign with a bit of a different twist.  I enjoyed the campaign so much, that I wanted to write it out.  Still working on it.

Melusine  - Haha!  Okay, so later in the campaign Katherine came across a journal.  Not the only journal that I'd ever come across as Katherine but the first one that the ST didn't have some elaborate hand-held copy that I could actually read.  So I made one.

Holly - Another connection to Katherine.  I haven't posted this far yet so SPOILER ALERT Holly is Katherine's daughter.  Her's is really like a "ten years later" epilogue to Katherine.

Tavi - Tavi was born from a conversation between myself and the person who played Thalia in Katherine's story.  Again, going back to Katherine.  Tavi was the random curiousity of what-if.  What if Thalia and Chaud had a child.  

Nathalia - Nathalia is the character backstory of a Vampire the Masquerade character.  It's a bummer the campaign didn't last long.

Helen - Helen started as a wild hair to write a smutty masquerade sex scene.  Flat out.  Then I changed my mind part-way through.  

Zoee - Zoee was a question.  I really don't want to say too much about Zoee because I haven't posted up much of her story yet and really want to keep the twist there still.

Okay, there are some more stories than them but I don't know if I'll be posting them here or not..


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