Wednesday, December 18, 2013


CD-SC2 – The child will demonstrate knowledge related to the dynamic properties of earth and sky.
CD-SC2.4a Describes properties of water, including changes to the states of water.
WSO: Explores the properties of objects and materials, and how they change.

 Activities: Colored Ice Painting.  You can use either powder paint or food coloring to mix with water and fill and ice tray.  Place in the freezer and then pull them out for students to use of easel paper for exploratory art.

Water Cycle Bag (found here).  I haven't actually tried this one myself to know how well it works.  

Frozen Toys.  You freeze toys in ice trays or make a whole bowl full of frozen toys that can't be played with until they melt.  It's item to put on the playground with small trinkets that they can play with once they melt out.

A Drop Around the World by Barbara McKinney
Water by Trevor Day


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