Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Decorative the Christmas tree is fun for me.  I like to change the "theme" of the tree each year.  From "it's a girl" to candy canes.  This year, it's lights and brass ornaments.
Even with the theme, there are other special ornaments that have home on the tree.
This was the first ornament I bought with my husband, back when we were dating and living in our one bedroom miniature apartment.

This is the first ornament after we were married.  There's a fortune cookie in the back with a pull-out message.

These are made by my brother.  One every year to add another memory to our tree starting with the year I got married.  It's a sweet timeline to review over with the holidays.

I have lots of sweet ornaments crafted by students over the years.  None the same, each different and unique.  Like this cute apple ornament made from a crushed soda can.

Speaking of child-made ornaments, can't forget the beauties that my daughter crafts at school.  

It's also nice to have ornaments that remind you of places you've been and rare things you've seen.

And, of course, we have our Christmas spider on the tree.  If you don't know the legend of the Christmas spider, it's a German custom to place a spider on the tree.  I need to remember to get one for my daughter's bedroom tree.

Speaking of her bedroom tree, she has important ornaments just for her on that tree.  Ornaments that she made with me or given to her by family member.


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