Friday, December 6, 2013

Secret Santa

I love taking part in Secret Santa.  Getting little gifts for coworkers to brighten their day and a big gift to let them know that you really care.
My first year ever participating in Secret Santa was about ten years ago.  I had a really sweet coworker that got me a nice outdoor sign for fall.  For years I have continued to put that sign out at the start of fall.
This year was the sign's last year.
Our gutter spout has clogged up odd with years of leaves in there that no one ever cleans.  Is it the groundskeeper's job or something because none of our other neighbors have clean gutters either.  We really can't get in there to clean them because there's some weird gutter gate over them.
ANYWAY, that gutter problem has killed the fall sign.
The leaves have scrunched in there in such a way that it streamlines water from the rains on to the sign.  It has swollen.

So, no more fall sign.  I'll miss you sign.

I hope my Secret Santa got her gift yesterday.


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