Saturday, December 14, 2013

Power of Miracles

I know I'm dragging my feet on the episode analysis, but I'm really waiting for Christmas to get the blu-Ray so just be patient and you will get what you've requested.
In the meantime, we're going to look at what the student council members were looking to achieve from the duels.  The shining thing.  Eternity.  Smashing the world's shell.  And the power of miracles.
A conversation earlier this week really had me looking in more detail at the power of miracles that Juri was motivated by.  

A miracle for Juri is something many of us have looked for at some point in our lives.  Juri's miracle is to either stop loving who she loves or to have that person love them back.  Which neither seems possible to her, so the answer for her is a miracle.
I know that I've been there.  Loved someone who didn't love you back and wished to either stop loving them or to have them love you back.  That's part of Juri's charm that brings fans to her.  We feel that only a miracle could break us from that.  To break free from what binds us to them.


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