Thursday, December 12, 2013

Writing Prompt: Christmas Must Haves

There are just a few things that I really must have for Christmas this year.

The Utena blu-ray collection is my number one (one sale here).  Seriously, I can't begin to express enough of how much having this in my life would mean.

The "I still believe" necklace (sold here).  My mockingjay necklace is looking pretty rough.  I need another lovely neck piece.

The Fault in Our Stars (amazon).  I keep hearing that this book is some kind of amazing.  Or just a gift card to the bookstore would work just as well.  

Yeah, I have some other things that I might want or desire.. But these three items right here would be seriously wonderful if I could have.  Not that I won't be grateful for whatever I might get, but I really do want these three things most of all.

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