Monday, December 9, 2013

Five Favorite Web Resources

My Five Favorite Web Resources (for teaching)

  1.  This is the official website for Bright from the Start, Georgia’s Department of Early Care and Learning.  That division governs the pre-kindergarten program.  All of the guidelines, procedures, policies, and more are located on this website.  Everything that you will ever need to know to in regards to pre-kindergarten classrooms is located on this website.
  2.  Prekinders is an amazing website run by a Georgia pre-kindergarten teacher.  She shares many of her activities and resources that work successfully within her classroom setting with others to positively impact the educational experience of many.  You can also follow her on pinterest, twitter, and facebook for additional links and information that she posts for fellow educators.
  3.  Dr. Jean Feldman is a retired educator who has various music albums to assist in education, books, and additional educational resources (and many for free).  She can also be followed on facebook for her latest educational inspirations.
  4.  Little Giraffes was originally created by a kindergarten teacher.  Much like pre-kinders, she shared successful classroom ideas, printables, and more with fellow educators at no cost.  Since she moved to teaching another grade level, A to Z Teacher Stuff offered to take over hosting the website to keep the information available to any and all who wishes to utilize it.
  5.  Smartboard Exchange is a website where teachers can upload smartboard activities that they have designed and download activities to implement in their classrooms using the smartboard at no cost.  


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