Monday, January 27, 2014

That Which Shall Not Be Named

What To Do If Someone Unintentionally Offends You:

1. Take some time to cool down.  If you address the person right away your likely to add unwanted negativity to the situation.

2. Express yourself.  Now that you are calm, express that you felt hurt or offended by their actions.  

3. Explain specifically what they did to offend you.  If both sides are going to move to repair, then both sides must be aware of what actions led to you being offended.  Otherwise, you're going to feel offended again when they do those actions again.

4. Forgive and forget.  Don't always bring up "that one time."  If it was unintentional, don't guilt them for what they didn't mean to do.

5. If you can't do any of those things, don't take it out on people associated with that person.  They didn't mean to offend you any more than the person who did it unintentionally.


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