Monday, January 6, 2014


I've been talking about my need for glasses for a while now.
How did I go from not needing glasses to having to wear them?  Family genetics was part of this and I'm sure other factors were involved as well.
How could I tell?  Well, in short stuff would get blurry.  I didn't like looking at people in the eyes for too long because it felt like my eyes were beginning to cross or somehow my eyes were doing something visible to others that showed my vision going askew in those moments.
I have reading glasses now but I'm still waiting for my prescription lenses to be ready for pick up for regular wear.  
The phantom glasses feeling is really weird.  Sometimes I feel as though I'm wearing my glasses on my nose when they're on my head or that I'm wearing them on my head in the shower.  
I have much to get accustomed to.
I need to pick up an actual lens cleaning cloth.
Update: just got the phone call that my prescription glasses are ready for pick-up.  Excited!
Update: I have glasses!


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