Wednesday, January 22, 2014


CD-SC2 – The child will demonstrate knowledge related to the dynamic properties of earth and sky.
CD-SC2.4d Uses appropriate vocabulary to discuss climate and changes in weather. 
WSO: Observes weather and seasonal changes.
 Activities: Pinwheels.  Pinwheels and streamers are great tools for students to observe the affects of the wind.  

Sun Bleached Art.  Students place stencils or toys on their paper and place them outside in the sun.  The next day students bring in their papers to observe how the sun drained color from the paper that was exposed leaving the outline of the object.
Rain Painting.  (Link)
The key thing is to use vocabulary to develop the students vocabulary in this area.
Books: The Wind Blew by: Pat Hutchins
The Rain Came Down by: David Shannon
A Tree for All Seasons


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