Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Questions: Aurora

  • Aurora:Story of your first kiss
  • They say you'll never forget your first kiss.  
  • I can tell you who.  I can tell you where.  But there really was little story to it on my end.
  • I suppose not since I was the one being kissed.  It wasn't really a surprise attack kiss or anything but I wasn't planning it.  I could see probably more for the guy kissing it there is some amazing tale of nervousness and feelings and stuff.
  • Not that I didn't have those or whatever.  I was a teenage kid in high school.  Of course it was the usual:

  • What if I'm a bad kisser?
  • What if he's a bad kisser?
  • What if I'm a bad kisser but will never know because I assume that he's the reason the kiss sucked?
  • What if my mouth is yucky?
  • Is there going to be tongue?  Do I even want there to be tongue?  What do I do with a tongue in my mouth if there is one?
  • What if my parents get mad because I kissed?

HAHA!  I'm sorry, those are all funny questions to me now.  

I remember going to a museum or something once as a kid that was focused on electricity or something like that.  They had these two mannequins on a porch front almost kissing and an electrical spark going between their mouths.  That sounds scary but it looked SO cool to me.  The idea that when two people share a first kiss that there could seriously be sparks.  
Of course I never shared that story with anyone I dated at that age.  Who in their right mind would take a girl's first kiss with high expectations like that?
There were no real electrical sparks going on to my sadness but it still was a good kiss.  One of my better and far from my worse.


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