Wednesday, January 22, 2014


CLL5 – The child will acquire meaning from a variety of materials read to him/her.
CLL5.4a Prior to reading, uses prior knowledge, story title and pictures to make predictions about story content.
WSO: DECAL correlation posting has this indicator as: Gains meaning by listening.
 This is really odd because when you read the definition of that in the Work Sampling Omnibus, that has nothing to do with it.  This is about prior to reading processes.  This is about using images to make predictions.  I personally think this indicator would mesh more appropriately with: Shows appreciation and understanding of books and reading.
 Activities: Before and After Chart.  While students are making predictions about the story content, write them on the left-side of a chart paper.  What will happen, who will the story be talking about, where will the story take place.  After reading the book, fill in the right-hand side of the chart with the corresponding details of what actually happened in the book.  
Any books can be done with this activity.  This activity could be a small group literacy or a large group literacy activity.


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