Wednesday, January 29, 2014


CD-MA2 – The child will manipulate, compare, describe relationships and solve problems using number and quantity.
CD-MA2.4c Practices combining, separating and naming quantities.
WSO: Uses words and representations to describe mathematical ideas. 

Activities: Marble Combining.  Using two pool noodles, make the noodles connect together above an empty basket.  With this game you have students on each top opening add a small number of marbles.  For example Billy drops one and Sandy drops one so in our basket we should have ____.

Spotted Butterfly.  With a butterfly play-dough sheet; have students tear bits to go on each wing side.  Two bits on one side and two bits on the other make for how many bits of play-dough all together?

Lego Math.  Easy combination of blocks and math.  You can even scaffold this by beginning with simply combining a certain number of blocks to the number of raised pegs on each block combined.

Books: 10 Little Penguins Stuck on the Fridge by Jean-Luc Fromental
Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh


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