Wednesday, January 29, 2014


CD-SC3 – The child will demonstrate knowledge related to living things and their environments.
CD-SC3.4a Observes, explores and describes a variety of plants and animals. Describes their basic needs and life cycles of living things.
WSO: Explores the needs of living things.

 Activities: Life Cycle Sequencing.  Turn life cycle cards into magnets that children can work together (or with teacher-guidance) to put in order.

Pet Care Language Chart.  Before beginning this activity, discuss or read a book that discusses pet care.  Students take turns passing around a stuffed pet (dog, cat, fish, etc).  When they hold the pet, they dictate to the teacher what they would do to take care of their pet.  Teacher will write these on chart paper to display in the classroom.
Class Pet and Plant.  Have students rotate responsibility of caring for or assuring you in caring for the class pet and plants.  This gives them first-hand experience in understanding their needs.

Books: Big Yellow Sunflower by: Frances Barry
Listen to Your Fish by: Sarah Albee
Ladybugs by: Mia Posada


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