Wednesday, January 8, 2014


CD-SS3 – The child will demonstrate awareness of the geography in his/her community.
CD-SS3.4a Creates simple representations of home, school and community.
WSO: Describes the location of things in the environment.

 Activities: Paper Bag Houses.  Children color what the outside of their house looks like on the outside of their bag.  Cut along the right side and across the top of paper bags so that they open.  Children then can draw the rooms inside their house.
Pete's School.  Glue two file folders to each other.  On each open fold, students create a room of the school.  They can use this file folder creation as background to for rebelling Pete the Cat Rockin' in His School Shoes.
Community Map.  Place blocks equal to the number of students participating on butcher paper.  Tape a marker or crayon to the back of a toy car.  Have each student "drive" the car across the paper to the next block.  The student identifies what neighborhood point-of-interest it is.  While the next student "drives the car to the next block, the previous student removed the block to draw the business in it's place.  This community map can be laminated for continued play within the block area.

Books: In a People House by: Dr Seuss
Kindergarten Rocks by: Katie Davis
Aaron's Hair by: Robert Munsch


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