Wednesday, January 8, 2014


CD-MA1 – The child will organize, represent and build knowledge of number and quantity.
CD-MA1.4f Tells numbers that come before and after a given number up to 10. 
WSO:  Understands and begins to apply addition and subtraction to problems.

Activities: Number Jump.  Place the number on the floor in numeric order.  Introduce the game by having students jump on a number.  Then begin giving direction of jumping on the number that comes after or before.  They have the visual of the floor to assist them in discovering before and after.  If they look as though they are still lost, try changing the phrases to positional words of "in front of" or "behind."  This rewording also helps to strengthen their understanding of the terms "before" and "after" when it comes to numeric process.

Missing Number.   Using sentence strips, write numerals out in order but leave two out.  For example: 1 2 3 _ 5 _ 7 8 9 10.  Students can using magnetic numbers to fill in the missing numbers.

Turn Counting.  This is another one that can be done as transition or anytime.  Students call out what number comes next after you stop.  Counting forwards or counting backwards.  

Books: 5 Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree by Eileen Christelow
Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang


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