Wednesday, January 15, 2014


CD-MA2 – The child will manipulate, compare, describe relationships and solve problems using number and quantity.
CD-MA2.4a Matches two equal sets using one-to-one correspondence and understands they are the same.
WSO: Shows beginning understanding of number and quantity.
 Activities: Valentine's Day is coming, a perfect day for one-to-one correspondence.  One valentine to each student in the room!

Cupcake Lining.  With a cupcake or muffin tin, you can set out cupcake liners for students to match into the cupcake slots.  You can replace the liners with any object for one-to-one correspondence.
BING-O.  No matter if the bingo is for numbers, shapes, or letters; you still place one counter to each announced item.
Books: Tea for Me, Tea for You by: Laura Rader
Who's Hatching? by: Charles Reasoner


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