Monday, January 13, 2014

Perking Back Up

I've been doing fair to adjust to wearing glasses.  The large ones give me the headband headache sometimes.  Mostly because they have the super wrap around of doom to help them from slipping and to help me adjust to wearing glasses.
Swapping between my readers and regulars (especially during class sessions where I have to look across the room at a board and then down to my paper to take notes) is a real pain.  I end up with most of my hair everywhere even if it's been put up.
The thing that's been the worse honestly is my self-image.  I love how I look in my readers but my regulars have been bumming me out.  When I look in the mirror with them on, it seems like most of my flaws are accentuated.  Maybe it is just me but it's been a bother to me.  I don't even know if anyone can see or if it is just my insecurities giving me grief.  
The blue rims bringing too much attention to certain qualities.  The size encouraging emphasis of the negative aspect of another feature.  
I was browsing the web when I came across this picture:

I really needed something like this.  If this crocodile can feel beautiful as anything, then why can't I feel that way too?  
Maybe I'm not really, but I should at least stop letting it eat away at me.

Yeah I want to be a beautiful person inside and all, but when you pass a mirror  and you see every flaw magnified.  People want to feel not ugly.  Maybe not pretty, beautiful or gorgeous.  Just not ugly.  No one wants to feel that.
No one should feel that.

Update: Alligator artist continues to make life amazing with this.


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