Wednesday, January 29, 2014


CLL5 – The child will acquire meaning from a variety of materials read to him/her.
CLL5.4b Retells familiar stories.
WSO: Recounts some key ideas and details from text.

 Activities: Flannel Board.  Flannel story sets are easy to create from laminated paper with felt hot glued to the back to complex sewn felt projects.  Flannel story sets are also available for purchase from a variety of educational supply sources.

There Was An Old Lady.  There was so many how to's out there to make an old lady.  From small trash cans to empty boxes.  However you make your old lady, you simply need to print and laminate the items that go with her story.  From Swallowing a Fly to Swallowing a Pie and everything in between, this can be used frequently throughout the academic year.

Puppet Shows.  Some stories can be retold by use of puppets within the reading area.  

Drawing.  I had a student once retell in detail every bit of the story of Cinderella (Disney version) for a drawing she made.

Books: There Was An Old Lady series by: Lucille Colandro 
Pete the Cat series by: Eric Litwin
Bear Bear series by: Bill Martin Jr. (Brown Bear, Brown Bear to Panda Bear, Panda Bear)


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