Monday, January 20, 2014

24 Hours of FUN

Molly came up with a brilliant plan Friday night.  Saturday at 8 pm, we would all change our profile pictures to someone else at the table.  I claimed Josh B, Megan claimed me, and so on until we were all mixed around.
We must keep our profile pictures as our person for 24 hours.  We could use any picture from Facebook OR anything from the camera rolls on our phone.  Those were our only rules really.
Saturday 8 pm, it was go time.  Some of us got our pictures up on the dot.  Some of us had to remember how to use Facebook.  Some of us had to be yelled at to post their new picture.

Then the real fun began as instead of simply changing our profile pictures, we started posting pictures, videos, status updates, comments and more in our temporary personalities.  Except Josh Davis who decided to post anything Molly exactly opposite of her true feelings which made things even more hilarious.
Some people caught on and enjoyed, some people didn't care, and some people didn't get what was going on.  For the privileged few that are friends with all of us, we hope that you enjoyed the performance because we sure did.

Here's some screenshots of our madness:
Molly loves Harry Potter like I love Utena.

Megan posting as me.  I almost died reading Josh's comment!

The pictures here for Josh and me are people that are in a long-term relationship of awesome so many of Josh and my comments are sweet talk at each other. Because we can!

Then we changed our cover photos to also compliment our temporary personalities.  

Pictures of our profile person's pets even!

This was awesome because my profile person was going on and on in messenger that we stop our Facebook rampage of awesome so that he could finish watching Sherlock.  Okay, I can comply with that.

Clearly, we love each other very much.


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