Friday, January 3, 2014

Adventures at the Hospital

New Years Day was pretty mellow.  Woke up, ate Waffle House, came home and vegged.
And then I saw it.  Ashley posted that she had delivered her baby girl New Years Eve!  Like the photo announcement followed immediately by messaging Molly.
And the back to vegging until I heard back from Molly because I'm not going to see Ashley without her.  Well, I would if Molly was out of town or something but she wasn't and she'll wake up eventually.
Finally a response followed by a phone call debating to go up that day or the next.  Hang up so that Molly can text Ashley and see which she would rather.
And back to piddling around.  Well, not really piddling around.  I was working hard to finish a 2014 calendar while finishing up small detail of Ashley's hospital gift.
Molly received word!  Something like if we want to see the baby to come the next day.  Hmm.. Sounds like we need to go visit Ashley.  Gather the gift, gather my daughter, and away we went to pick up Molly.  Molly's mom (the fantastic Marcia Mayo) had made an ADORABLE Cabbage Patch Kid cap/wig for the new baby.
Arrive at the hospital and delightfully walk through the entrance and go up the first elevator that we come to.  Wrong on because a hospital can have nine elevators that take you to different places but the only way to get around is the main floor.  Every other floor doesn't like connecting for some reason.
So back downstairs and we'll just walk our way to the women's center past these weird glass sliding.. doors?  Jiggle the handle to see how they open and look inside.  Get chewed out by Molly to leave it alone.  My daughter is behaving more responsible than I am so far on this trip.
Past where the old entrance used to be and, wait.. where did it go?  They walked up the old entrance but still have an info booth.  Looks like they blocked the hall for out-patient surgeries too.  I don't know how to get anywhere anymore.  Follow the signs.  We'll make it there.  Except when we reach a sign that removed the women's center from the directions.  I guess the only option is to take the elevator behind us and go upward.  
Climb in to the rickety elevator with the emergency phone duct taped shut and it's weak little bell that goes off nearly an entire minute before stopping at the floor.  Did you hear that loud thud?  Get out of the elevator NOW!
We went down some hallways that kind of looked right, even though Molly and I could swear there used to be some murals leading to the women's center.  Maybe we're going the right way.. A door!  Press numbers to buzz through...  Okay, I press the numbers and nothing happens.  I pick up the phone and try while Molly looks at me like I'm an idiot for trying the numbers without picking up.  I've seen spy movies, it could've worked.  Talk to the nurse to buzz us through and I've solved the door puzzle!
We easily manage finding Ashley's room from here and go on with our visit.  Ashley told us about everything leading up to the delivery and more.  We were even lucky enough to be present for Ashley's first moments of getting to hold her daughter.  Yay!
Then her family and the dad's family came so we took our leave.  Make it down in the same scary elevator that doesn't have many years left in it.  Head out to the parking lot, tell my daughter to hold hands and Molly got the honor of hand holding.  Then my daughter got on to me because I needed to hold Molly's hand to.  So we held hands, the picture perfect family walking across the parking lot questioning the need for free valet parking there and making jabs at the idea.  As we got in the car, a gentlemen who was directly behind us entered the neighboring vehicle and we realized that we were poking fun of the valet parking while being followed by the valet attendant.  


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