Wednesday, January 29, 2014


CD-SS4 – The child will demonstrate an awareness of economics in his/her community.
CD-SS4.4b Describes the roles and responsibilities of a variety of occupations.
WSO: Identifies some people’s jobs and what is required to perform them.

 Activities: Occupation in a Bag.  This is a send home activity for parents to do with their kids.  Each parent gets their own bag to fill with items that represent their job and what they do.  The students return the bags to school sharing the props and explaining their parents jobs with their peers.
Occupation BINGO.  Instead of numbers or letters, have pictures of various occupations on the bingo card.  Don't announce the job title but give clues about the job by talking about the requirements to do it (i.e. dentist: cleans teeth, checks for cavities, helps you care for your teeth).  The children announce which occupation it is then begin covering the correct image.

Books: Whose Hat is This? by: Sharon Katz Cooper
Martin's Hats by: Marc Simont


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