Thursday, April 24, 2014

Night Shift

This week has been a little different for this household.  My husband was working night shift this week.
There was some slight apprehension prior to the week beginning.  In all of our time together, he's always had a day-shift  schedule with work.  
It's been pretty swell though.  Yeah, we miss him at supper and bedtimes.  On the plus, he's home for morning snuggles.  He can do daytime errands before his night-shift starts.  I can cook seafood for dinner because he isn't there not to eat it.  Plus he earns a bit more for being on nights.  
He might still prefer day-shift but I'm really okay with whatever for him.  He's a loyal employee with an incredible work ethic.  I'm incredibly proud of my hardworking husband.


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