Friday, April 18, 2014

11 Secret Thoughts

I started doing a few from this buzzfeed article but thought things turned out too interesting just not to share these.  So you think of a favorite object or something then one word to describe it to reveal what you really think about certain things.  Here are mine:

lemur ~ bitchy : my soul mate
snake ~ elegant : my secret crush (it's you)
great cure for a hangover : my feelings about sex
She by Jennifer Nettles ~ brilliant : my mom
Adolescence of Utena ~ symbolic : my dad
shrimp ~ delicious : my best quality
depressing : my own worst quality
An American Tragedy ~ dramatic : my best friend
joyous : how I feel about vaginas
cozy :  how I feel about penises
rest : how I feel about death

Okay, maybe I didn't really think as hard as I should have and just went with the first word that came to mind with many of these.  But it is fun.  I dare you to share yours!


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