Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Linky Party: Eric

  • Eric:Have you ever helped a stranger? What happened.

Life is full of opportunities to help strangers but people also try to prey on people's kindness like that,
Passing through the neighborhood that my grandmother used to live in, I saw a boy standing by his car pulled off the road looking distressed.  Would you keep driving or pull over?
I pulled over to check if there was some way that I could help him call for help or something.  Unfortunately, his car had ran out of gas and all of his family members were at their jobs and unable to answer the phone at that moment.  He was trying to get to his shift at work so that he could afford more gas in his car.
I took him to his work while he called his family to tell them where the car was.  I might not have been in a financial position then to buy him gas but I could take him to work so that he could acquire his paycheck and supply has to his car.
I'm glad to have pulled over and helped him.  I hope that he hasn't had to stretch his gas tank like that again.

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  • Aladdin:A sacrifice you made for someone.


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