Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter Sight Words

A fun activity to review and master sight word recognition is magically appearing sight words on eggs!

On white paper (or even on your hard-boiled eggs) use a white crayon to write sight words on the eggs.

Now it's time for your little one to paint the eggs!  For hard-boiled eggs, you can use any egg dyeing kit and the wax will repel the dye to have the sight words appear.  This can work with the paper eggs as well using watercolor paint.

  • To avoid children mixing the watercolor paint, teach this pattern when teaching how to use watercolor "water, paint, paper."  Just repeat that pattern with your child as you teach water-coloring and your paints won't become a mixed up mess.
  • Make some secret message eggs.  Sprinkle in some fun while they make their sight words appear.


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