Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Career Path

Okay, so I was chatting with someone in message about working towards your dream career and I really felt that it should be shared with many. 

Monsters University shows it beautifully at the end of the movie; it might take you years and the first job might not even be close to your dream job… But you can make it. Do every job the best that you can and you will pave your path to where you want to be.

I don’t know how long it will take for all of you to reach your career but my story starts twelve years ago when I was still in college:

1) Lunch Lady at the university cafeteria - don’t judge me. Judge the people who dated the lunch lady. XD

2) Waitress > Manager at a hot wings restaurant. This job was great, lots of good tip money. I think this job earned me the most money yet but oh what a climb from entry-level worker to a shift manager. This place was family-owned and they decided to close my branch and keep only one restaurant open so back to the job market.

3) Waitress > Manager at certain pizza chain. This job was on the bottom for pay but when I left the store manager was being arrested for shady dealings which explained why my pay information was often incorrect and other stuff. 

4) Manager at certain burger chain. Now I've had so many years of managerial experience that I can get hired as a manager right-out. Getting places but I only stayed here for a month because I finally picked up a position close to my dream job so…

5) Daycare employee. This position has ups and downs. But I’m not where I’m trying to get to yet…

6) Pre-k paraprofessional. Okay, actually my first two years in pre-k I was a head teacher but then the diploma requirements changed so I went back to school during my time as a para.

7) Certified teacher! Okay, well maybe I don't have this position yet but I have all of my ducks in a row to make this happen this upcoming school year.  Going to try my very best!

 I bet you didn't see me working to that starting in a cafeteria. It might take years and you might be working in paths that appear as though they have nothing to do with your dream job. They might look unrelated but they are. 
I've learned various management techniques and how to study and master policies and procedures to be the best teacher my students could have. My path might not be direct to my career but I feel strengthened in my abilities because of my route that someone straight from college with no work experience can’t possibly boast.


Jamie Kitchens said...

I, too, have had a long path to travel to get to my dream job. Here I am, 36, and just getting back in college to eventually get my degree in IT. I have had many jobs along the way, obstacles, walls to climb, etc. But I am happy now and can see my dream job in the close distance. That was a nice sentiment you shared on your page.

Megan Pope said...

Thanks! I feel a large number of twentysomethings are feeling as though their careers will never happen so posting our stories about how we didn't find our career in our first job is important for many. Thanks for sharing your story too! :)

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