Wednesday, April 9, 2014


CD-MA4 – The child will sort, seriate, classify and create patterns.
CD-MA4.4c Creates and extends simple, repeating patterns. 
WSO: Begins to recognize patterns and makes simple generalizations.

This is a multi-step process for students.  First is pattern identification followed by copying and extending teacher's pattern.  The final step is independently creating their own pattern.

Activities: Pattern Monster.  Decorate a paper towel tube as a critter of your choosing leaving at least one end open.  You can stack unifex patterns or Lego patterns that can be hidden in your monsters to pull out to identify as patterns.  

Pattern Cards.  Pattern cards have photos taken of classroom objects places to make a pattern.  Example: a card with a photo of yellow and black buttons making an AB pattern.  Students can use these cards to recreate the patterns using those objects.

Sticker Patterns.  Using sticker sheets, supply students with two sticker types and a sheet of sentence strip.  Students can generate their own patterns using these objects.

Books: Busy Bugs by: Jayne Harvey
Mr. Noisy's Book of Pattern by: Rozanne Lanczak Williams


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