Monday, April 21, 2014


Easter has come and is now behind us.  As you can tell, I've been keeping pretty busy this month but I really don't even have many Easter crafts, games, or activities to share now that I'm caught back up.
That's mostly because in all honesty, I'm not a big Easter person.  If there was voting to drop a holiday from the calendar, I would vote Easter.  
I know, I know.  It's a holiday about rebirth, fertility, faith, and more.  Maybe it is the pastels everywhere but it is such a quiet holiday.  It's nice to get together with family and all of that.  
I think if my daughter is alright with it, we won't even do baskets and eggs once she learns that the Easter bunny isn't real.  I would celebrate the holiday but the eggs and basket are just, I think, forced accessories that don't even reflect well the soul of what Easter should be.  I just can't seem to make myself excited for them but I try to be so that my daughter can be.

But don't you dare tell my baby that the Easter bunny isn't real.  As much as I'm not all about some Easter doesn't mean her bubble of magic needs to be popped just yet.


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