Monday, February 10, 2014

Who Dun It?!

I don't think anyone quite saw this coming before beginning the party.
Everything was grand.  My friends looked great and did their best to play their roles while being their naturally awesome selves.
They mingled, some met each other.  And then.. Appetizer's were served!
And when I say appetizer, I mean round one scripts.
It didn't take long for everyone to realize after this point who was going to die.  The character nearly everyone had beef with.  This character was being played by, my husband.

I seriously didn't plan that!  I choose everyone's roles before moving on with preparing their scripts.
On to dinner (more envelopes with scripts in them) and a small skit presentation.  More nonsense and laughter until BOM BOM BOMMM! MuuuuuuUUrder!!

A crazy round of people guessing who dun it.  This was not very easy because so many of the "guests" had motive for murder.  
Was it the spurned wife?  The recently dumped other woman?  The boyfriend of the other woman?  The angry neighbor?  The actress who didn't want him to star in a movie with her?  The man whose twin brother went missing investigating said victim?  The high school grudge?  The hired hand?  The blackmail victim?  The secret sister who could inherit it all?

People submitted their guesses before having coffee and dessert (their final scripts).
One by one "guests" revealed their shocking hidden secrets while a couple of real guests revealed their inability to follow instruction.  

In a shocking revelation the murderer identified themself, it was me!  SHOCK GASP!
No, I seriously did not plan it like that!  Quit giving me that look!  I didn't know when I cast myself as the actress slowly fading from the limelight that it would be me!  I didn't know when I cast my husband as a drummer that he'd get knocked!
So I might have lied to my guests a bit when they would ask if the murderer knew who they were yet...  But I had known since I had read the script to print and pack everything two weeks ago.  Next time, someone else can plan and I can be surprised.

Afterwards we hung out and played Rock Band among other nonsense.

Correct Guess of Murderer - Chiitaa
Most Money - Elizabeth Flamingo (though I heard possible Chiitaa might have beat it by $50?)
Best Skit - Tamela Panderson-Pea, Cap'n Jack, and Tommy Pea
Most Names Collected - Fed-X
Best Performance - Cap'N Jack, Chiitaa, and Timmy McCaw
Best Costume - Chiitaa, Barzan, Fed-X, and Tamela Panderson-Pea
Addicting Accents - Hope Mountain, Timmy McCaw, and Bugsy Capone
Stealthiest Performer - Kirt Nobrane, Corrie Love, and Blue Befner
Shortest Time in Costume - Polly Darton
So Thankful That They Were Actually Able to Attend And Not Ditch Me - Jon Volta and Whitney Shears
Dynamic Duo - Chiitaa and Barzan
Señor Congeniality - Fed-X


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