Wednesday, February 26, 2014


CLL5 – The child will acquire meaning from a variety of materials read to him/her.
CLL5.4e Develops an alternate ending for a story. 
WSO: Recounts some key ideas and details from text.
Activities: Abracadabra!  Tell your students that they have the power to change one thing in the story.  What would they change?  How would the story change because of this?
What If...?  What if the story didn't end the way it did?  What are other ways the same story could have ended differently?
These are great large group literacy chart paper activities through discussion but are also manageable for small group scenarios in which students could also draw or act out the alternative story lines.
Books: Try some funny nonfiction titles with the what if they followed real world functionality?  Would Pete the Cat really be wearing shoes?  What would the story be like if he were a real cat?


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