Friday, February 21, 2014

First Disney: Hollywood Studios

Continuation of previous post.
We woke up Saturday morning and packed up to go to Hollywood Studios, my daughter still unknowing of what the day had in store.  Over breakfast she asked if we could go to a playground, so after breakfast we all headed to the car.  I had snacks in my bag and my husband carried drinks in his while grandma had miscellaneous stuff.
We came to the large sign for Walt Disney World and TA-DA!  We're here!  First day tram towards the park, to our tickets, and my daughter's first visit button (buttons are the best, if you have an excuse for one then you should get it).

We rushed onward to the Fast Pass kiosk but OH NO!  Toy Story Midway was OUT for the whole day.  We still don't know how it filled up so quick, the park had only just opened up but oh well!  Oh to my daughter's first Disney ride, Star Tours!!!
It was not the Star Tours that I had grown up with and loved, but it was still great.  She LOVED IT!  She was screaming at R2 to quit being such a nut and to get us back, holding my hand tightly, and screaming with delight.  Oh how she enjoyed herself.
After Star Tours, on to the Muppets 3D experience!!  Right after that, we found our first character and that is when we realized that we hadn't bought an autograph book!  OOPS!  My husband ran in to the nearest gift shop while I waited with my daughter and my mom to see... PHINEAS!

Oh how she loved the autographs!  Taking a picture was cool but she very much enjoyed seeing how each character wrote their name.  We ran all over, fetching more autographs and riding more experiences.  The Great Movie Ride was PERFECT!  We got a seat right up front next to the driver so we had the wild west ruffian jump into the ride right NEXT to my daughter.  I loved it.  When we got to the Wizard of Oz sequence, she was lifting her feet and yelling to the Wicked Witch of the West that she had the ruby slippers!
For lunch we ate at Hollywood & Vine with Disney Junior characters.

Unfortunately, we did not know that Princess Sophia and Jake were going to be at lunch and had already waited for their pictures and autographs but no matter.  MORE PICTURES!  The only character that we did not get an autograph or picture from here was Doc McStuffins.  Oh well, we don't watch that anyway so no skin off our nose.
It was after this that we went to check on how bad of a wait Toy Story Midway was going to be and stopped at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.  It was PACKED which made the experience for all adults involved terribly stressful.
Not too long after all of this, we all returned back to where we were staying.  My daughter stayed with my brother and my mom playing at the park and the pool while my husband and I ran to Downtown Disney.  Downtown Disney was PACKED for the evening, of course, but it also did not help that they had tarped off many areas to build up leaving less walking room in much of the trek.
Tomorrow had much more in store.  Tomorrow was the day for Magic Kingdom!


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