Wednesday, February 12, 2014


CD-SS4 – The child will demonstrate an awareness of economics in his/her community.
CD-SS4.4d Explores the uses of technology and understands its role in the environment. 
WSO: Begins to be aware of how technology affects their life.

Activities: Interactive Whiteboards.  Many public school classrooms are supplied with these. Smart Exchange is full of a variety of free downloads for children to work a variety of skills in teacher-directed and independent groups.

Books on CD, tape, YouTube.  This is a great independent activity to allow students to listen to a book from a technology source followed by an appropriate activity afterwards.  

B.Y.O.D.  Yes, the bring your own device can work in assessing this area.  While not every pre-k parent will feel comfortable sending in the devices with students, we still have plenty of other educational opportunities within our classroom setting.  Please communicate with your pre-k consultant about when during the instructional day would be best to implement your school's B.Y.O.D. practice.

Books: Tumble Books  Must create an account
Storyline Online Many titles also are available being read in sign language.
Just Books Read Aloud

Please keep in mind when utilizing technology sources to have your direct links or files ready for the instructional day.  This practice will reduce student wait times while you try to remember where a particular book is on the internet or where the file is that you wanted your students to engage in.


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