Wednesday, February 12, 2014


CLL5 – The child will acquire meaning from a variety of materials read to him/her.
CLL5.4d Makes real-world connections between stories and real-life experiences.
WSO: Shows appreciation and understanding of books and reading.

Activities: Venn Diagram.  Create a Venn diagram for book and story.  After you've read your story, lead your students in a reflection to identify elements that occur only within the story, in the real world, and both.

Pre and post field trip stories.  Read a book about the police station after visiting one.  Relate elements in the story to the recent experience.  

Books:  Any non-fiction are even elements in some fiction titles can bring about these discussions.  
Many times students are eager to share their real world experiences during story time but are hushed until after the story.  Make plan for times when you read a title that opens for classroom discussion afterwards.


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