Thursday, February 27, 2014

First Disney: Epcot

After Magic Kingdom, Epcot is definitely my next in line for favorite Disney park.
Why?  The World Pavillion!  I love exploring through the various cultures in a day.  
What was also exciting about this day?  This is the only park where you can see Anna and Elsa!  Yay!  
The downside is they are in Norway of the World Pavillion and the World Pavillion doesn't open until 11:00.  So that means kicking around Innoventions until 11 which wasn't too dull with a Disneyed five-year-old.

My husband had never road Spaceship Earth before so both he and my daughter got to experience it for the first time together!  We had a bit of a hiccup as a Spanish-speaking tourist thrust his map in my husband's face as we attempted to make our ascent to Spaceship Earth.  Being the only person in the group that has daily Spanish going on, I found it hilarious that my husband was chosen from the group as someone who could possibly assist.  He didn't share my amusement but it really tickled me.
After this, I assisted my husband in setting up our fast passes for the day while my mom took my daughter to meet the characters.  She finally got to meet Mickey.  It's not that we didn't see him elsewhere but the lines at MGM for that were passable for the wait time.
Still not 11?  Let's check out Finding Nemo's ride.

There's aquariums all through this experience!  So many fish!  So many sea creatures!  So much awesome!  We all really enjoyed ourselves that I think we actually missed 11:00!
Time to run to Norway and get our lunch reservations together for the princess character lunch.  While my mom worked on that, I went over to check out the line for Anna and Elsa.
3.5-4 hour wait?!  No thanks.  That nearly your entire Epcot day!  You're spending a whole day to wait to see them and I'm sure not making my five-year-old endure that.
On to the character lunch!  Five princesses here in just a fairy tale, castle-like setting.

The food here was SO delicious.  Smoked salmon, herring, shrimp.  Oh so good!  The princesses did an amazing job flitting around the room and being just great.  My daughter was captivated and even participated in a Princess Procession around the dining establishment with the princesses and many other girls.  She had another birthday card and cupcake here.  Her favorite part?  The gummy bears!
After this we tried to catch a few more characters but it wasn't meant to be.  So my daughter and grandmother prepared to leave before we stopped in Italy for a street performance.  My daughter sincerely enjoyed her time spent with grandma and her uncle at the playground and by the pools.

I spent the rest of the day finding the penny press machine for every cultural pavillion while just enjoying the rest of Disney because tomorrow would be our last day in the happiest place on Earth.


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