Friday, February 28, 2014

First Disney: Last Day

That terrible horrible feeling of being on the best vacation ever but it's your last day so you have to pack up and get ready to go home.
Except yay, I didn't have to pack up.  My poor husband was so wore out from me dragging him all over the parks for almost eleven hours each day that he was begging to just let his legs rest.
So off to the parks again with my daughter and my mother! 

I was looking forward to a revisit to the Magic Kingdom because it's the best place ever.  My daughter wanted Hollywood Studios again because Star Wars.  
Onward to Hollywood Studios and make those Star Wars dreams come true!
The day turned out perfect.  We got to Hollywood Studios and it opened a little early (five minutes but I'm not complaining).  We got fast passes for the Toy Story Midway AND Star Tours.  Right after the sign-ups for Jedi training had just opened and we were able to get my daughter signed up for a time right around noon-ish.
From there we went straight to Star Tours, riding it back-to-back until we ran off to find Mike and Sully.  We arrived in the line just as the two stepped out and snagged our pictures.  We then spent some time at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids park which was much more enjoyable today as we were only three of maybe ten people in there.  Stress levels were much lower than when we did this same attraction on Saturday.

Once more people started coming in, we ducked off to the Toy Story Midway before running to lunch.  Right after lunch, another Star Tours ride followed by Jedi training!

It was a perfect day to perfectly end our fantastic Disney trip.  Daddy did express emotional regrets for not being there but wasn't sure how his legs would have favored.

My daughter and I miss Disney already.  Thanks grandma and grandpa for a wonderful trip!


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