Saturday, February 22, 2014

Unintentionally Cruel

I haven't caught up on episode analysis, sorry.  I'll get there soon I promise.

I'll take my Utena Saturday to talk about the feeling of Unintentionally Cruel that Juri identifies Shiori as.  This term is easily represented by the bird crashing into a window.  The window is unintentionally cruel.  It had no intentions of injuring the bird, but the bird was hurt by the window.

This might not be the best description of Juri as we see that the most of her intentions are to cause pain to Juri.  But from Juri's perspective, this is Shiori.  
We all have seen relationships like this.  From the outside looking in, we can see how hurtful the actions of others are but inside the relationship they are blind to what they are doing.
I see that happening in a real life situation.  Not anyone being like Shiori but people being unintentionally cruel to someone as they start a new relationship.  Nothing negative to any one except one person who still refuses to listen and follow through on what we talked about but that's a whole nother thing right there.  But the main part is they've started this relationship when one person still hasn't ended the previous one.  By words, the relationship has been ended but by actions it is not and that is where the unintentionally cruel actions begin.  
The other party is given no time to mourn the relationship.  No seperation of the relationship as she still goes to the movies, lives with, cooks for, and asks him to run errands.  Obviously not ready to disconnect the relationship but not giving an end if that is truly what is wanted here.
But no one is being cruel intentionally.  Except Prince Hans.

Screenshots from the lovely ohtori,nu.


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