Friday, February 7, 2014

Murder? Mystery? EXCITEMENT!

I'm having a murder mystery party to celebrate my 30th in a really fun way!  I found an awesome website where I picked out just the right one and tonight is the night!  One of the guests will fall victim.  One of the guests will be the murderer.  How dun it?!
I'm really excited to be doing this and I'm also really excited about how my friends have been working on their costumes to prepare.  That is my biggest gift right there, is having everyone dressing up.  I'm so excited!
I won't share any of the pictures or information that came in my kit, but here's the cast of our Movie Premiere Murder Mystery:
A picture of the movie's stars: Donnie Jepp (Cap'N Jack) and Keera Nightly (Elizabeth Flamingo). 

Things are definitely going to Be Cool with the stunning Uma Vermon and Jon Volta in attendance!

You'd be Crazy to think that this couple is Toxic. A pop star like Whitney Shears can totally build a family with her former back-up dancer Fed-X and make it work. 

Watch out for their Wild Side! Tomme Pea (the drummer from Rotting Brew) and Tamela Panderson-Pea (from the hit show "Seawatch") will be bringing Good Times with them to this event!

Well they don't sound like Madonna, but here they are now...  Kirt Nobrane from the band Rapture and his long-time girl, Corrie Love from the band Cavity! 

We're proud to announce the attendance of American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actress, author and philanthropist; Polly Darton!

Truck Yeah! We've got the country music power couple Timmy McCaw and Hope Mountain rolling in for the celebration.

He might be off the Mean Streets, but I hear he really is a Goodfella (to get the job done). Bugsy Capone hopefully won't be bringing trouble to the premiere!

AaaaaaaaaAaaaAaaaa!  That's how you summon Barzan and Chiitaa to the party.

So out of this wild and crazy cast; who would it be?  Who will be the victim?  Who will be the murder?  

Share your theories below and there is a prize in store for anyone who can guess the correct answer.


Stacy Aquino said...

blue befner?

Stacy Aquino said...

blue befner?

Megan Pope said...

As victim or murderer?

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