Thursday, February 20, 2014

First Disney: The Travel

Friday afternoon, I packed my daughter in to the car and impatiently waited for my husband to get home from work.  We played at a playground, we played at a fast food playplace.  He was working an extra hour which wasn't too terrible..  Either arrive at 10pm or arrive at 11pm, not missing any activity time but still ready to be there.
We had packed the car the night before.  Every outfit (even her swimsuit) I had chosen Disney-themed clothes.  Her stuffed toys for the trip, Disney related.  We still hadn't told her that she was going to Disney.
It was Valentine's Day and I told her that we had to take grandma her Valentine's gift but grandma wasn't home.  So we finally got daddy from the house when he arrived and off we went!

I had even put her in her red ruby slippers for when she would go on the Great Movie Ride!
We had spent hours in the car.  I drove the first part of the way until a little before Valdosta when my daughter had to use the restroom.  We did our potty fun and my husband took over driving from there.
Once in Valdosta, we topped off the gas tank and I used the restroom in the scariest bathroom that ever there was.
It was lit but not very.
It was smelly, but like dead smelly not potty smelly.
The stalls were mostly stone, but didn't reach all the way down.
It would not have surprised me to hear that numerous people had met their untimely ends in that place.
I ran out of that bathroom like a killer had just tried to reach out for me, you just don't know.

BUT ONWARD TO TRAVEL!  We're approaching the state border and it's really time that my daughter get rest if she's going to enjoy tomorrow at all.  I told her that she had to sleep so that we could get there.  So she did.

After more driving and driving and driving, we finally arrived to the tolls.  Since we're on the toll roads now my husband and I both have to use the restroom terribly bad but neither of us want to pay a toll just to tinkle.  We ventured on until we finally arrived!  Excitedly giving grandma her Valentine's gifts, using the bathroom, and going to bed.
Still not knowing the fun that awaits her.


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