Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Linky Party: Dory

Dory:Something someone has told you that you can't forget (two good things and one bad)

  • Okay, so the phrasings of these might not be exact but the idea of what was said is there.
  • "If it's boring to you, it'll be boring to your students."
  • This is a great thing to keep in mind when writing lesson plans.  Do you look at a planned activity and feel bored simply looking at it?  Sit back and think of how bored your students are going to be doing it.  What can you do as an educator to spice the activity up so that they can learn the concepts that they need to gather from the activity without being bored out of their minds.
  • "Sometimes I think 'What would Megan do?'"
  • Okay, so some of my friends told me this last year and I was really complimented by this.  They were referring to how in many situations I just roll with things and don't seem to care much.  My friends are great and really know how to make me feel confident awesome amazing.
  • "Any guy who is friends with a girl wants to have sex with them." 
  • Okay, so this was told to me indirectly from a friend but the words came from a dude.  I guess he was trying to subtly put out that he had a crush on her or something because later when she became single he tried to start a relationship with her.  I don't know how much truth actually carries in those words but I haven't forgotten them.

Next Tuesday: Mulan - Do you trust your gut feeling? What happened.


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