Friday, March 21, 2014

Top Things You Wish You'd Done at MGA Con

There was quite a few things going on at MGA Con this last weekend.  Here's my list of top to do's at the convention:

5. Check out a panel.  
Pick a panel.  Any panel.  Sit in and visit.  Even if it is something that you never thought that you would have interest in, you might learn something new and cool.  This year was definitely the year for panels if you wanted your voice heard.  Get in on our exciting panels while we still have open seating available for you!

4. Catch some cosplayers.
Sure, you could just wait for them all to come out for the costume contest..  Some cosplayers switch outfits mid-day so catching them as they visit the convention is a blast for me.  It also makes the cosplayers feel special that people take them aside whenever for pictures or attention.

3. Play games.
We had tournaments, a table for checking out games, and a sign up board to play role-playing games!  I might have only played two new games this weekend but I enjoyed them both very much.

2. Browse Artist's Alley.
I love looking at art..  Even if I can't afford to buy every pretty little thing I see, it is amazing to see what some people are able to create.  We had so many talented artists this year.  

1. Hang with the staff.
We might have looked super busy most of the time but when someone stops to chat us up, we can make the moment special for you.  Chatting with attendees, dealers, and vendors is our favorite.

What were your Top 5?


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