Wednesday, March 19, 2014


CLL6 – The child will develop early phonological awareness (awareness of the units of sound).
CLL6.4c Isolates the initial (beginning) sounds in words with adult guidance. 
WSO: Demonstrates phonological awareness.

Activities: Letter Box.  Using the song by Dr. Jean Feldman, have a real box with letters for students to put in as you sing the song.  Variant, use student pictures with the song.  "I wish I had a little box to put my friends in.  I'd take Megan and go /m/ /m/ /m/ and put her back again."
An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Letter.  When students feed the old lady a letter she tells them the letter sound.

Books: Dr. Seuss' ABC Book
Z is for Moose by: Kelly Bingham
My First BOB Books: Alphabet by: Lynn Kertell

Songs: Act Out the Alphabet by Jack Hartmann
Alphardy by Dr. Jean Feldman
Phonercise by Dr. Jean Feldman
Gumball by Dr. Jean Feldman


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