Saturday, March 22, 2014

Comedie Musicale Utena

I interrupt the episode analysis, again, for the Utena musical this time!
I watched it in it's raw Japanese glory.  It's less than an hour long and if you truly enjoy Utena then just knock this out.  
I'm not really going to "analyze" this but more just some comments.

  • Is that a white streak or pink in Utena's hair?  It's hard to tell with the quality....
  • Juri looks SO good!  Great casting choice!
  • Haha!  Even the musical doesn't bother with Miki as a duelist.
  • Wow, Anthy is really short.  She looks EXACTLY like a lot of Anthy fanart I've seen..
  • Oh Saionji's actress is perfect.  She captures his expressions perfectly.
  • Why did Utena get the prince getup before she even won Anthy from Saionji?
  • Is the girl in the white dress Utena as a kid when she met Dios/Akio?
  • Something about Anthy's song after the Saionji duel reminds me of Prom Tonight from Not Another Teen Movie.
  • What was that Chu-chu?  It's larger than Anthy.
  • Nanami running across stage is cute but I think we all need more Nanami from this please.
  • Oh hi Akio.  I normally am not a fan of you but WOW!  Akio is SO HOT in this piece.
  • Is that a cigarette in Akio's hand?  Is he a smoker now?
  • Doesn't matter, keep looking smoking hot Akio.
  • I prefer Wakaba helping Utena out of her funk over Akio doing it but if it means I get to look at this smexy version then I guess I'll deal with it.
  • And her singing voice.  WA Y better than Utena's.  
  • I love this Akio.
  • Wait, what was that between Touga and Akio at the end?  

The amazing louchan also watched it this week and has her piece to say about it.  The experience was interesting but I don't see myself watching it again and again as I do the anime or the movie.. 


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