Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Linky Party: Belle

  • Belle:Is there someone you are close who no one else likes? What's the story?

I would not say that I am close to someone that no one else likes but I do have some people on my friends list that people question.  

My favorite person that falls in this category is getting married this weekend!  Congratulations!  

When we were younger, we might have both been screwed over by the same jerk but instead of focusing on him might have kind of been a bit upset with each other.  And by a bit, I mean it got pretty ugly.

Thankfully we grew up, matured, became awesome people and realized that we are wonderful and amazing women who can set aside what happened.  We cheer each other on from afar; celebrating in our accomplishments and being supportive during trying times.  
Even if he no longer recognizes us or accepts us on Facebook, we accept and love each other.  I'm glad that she's moved on to better and brighter things.  While we might not be incredibly close, we're closer than we were and probably even closer than most people brought together by situations like that.  

Ariel:Where do you think you belong, and why?


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