Thursday, March 6, 2014

First Star Wars

I shared with you all the details of the preparation for the Disney trip.  One was introducing my daughter to the beauty of Star Wars before the trip.
We all sat down to begin the beauty on a snow day from school.  Then my husband's phone rang.  They wanted everyone to return to work from the winter storm.  Sad sad, cry cry.  He was going to miss the experience.
My daughter eeped and clung to me as soon as Vader first walked on to a scene.  He carries some powerful presence that did not need words or any prior explanation to know that this is the man you should fear in this movie.
Towards the end of A New Hope, she identified her favorite characters as C3-P0 and R2-D2.  Before we could finish the first movie, we had to pause and take me to the doctor.  Couldn't leave right away though, Vader and Obi-wan were facing off and my daughter announced that Obi-wan would win that fight.
She really was shocked that it didn't turn out that way.  Her immediate reaction was "that's not what I said would happen."  Star Wars had quite a number of moments like that for her.  She shared with the nurses what happened to Obi-wan at the doctor's office kind of wowed.

And then the ride that is The Empire Strikes Back.  How exciting it was to hear my daughter identify Han Solo as soon as he entered the Hoth base.  Yay!
Many fun moments and then, the one that matters.  First, Luke losing his hand made her gasp.  But the big reveal made my daughter turn into this:

She couldn't bear it.  A daddy can't be a bad guy.  That's not how her world works.  
When she found out Leia was Luke's sister, that was easy to accept.  By that point she had reasoned that it was okay for Luke's dad to be bad as long as he becomes good later.

When daddy returned home from work, she was telling him all about the amazing movies that she watched today and finalizing on her ultimate favorite character; Darth Vader.  Whom she later got the battle with at Disney World.  And also got his lightsaber for her birthday.

My husband is now introducing her to episodes 1-3 which I'm not documenting to the same degree because 4, 5, and 6 are all that really matter in the world anyway.  Though her reaction to Darth Maul was priceless.  "He has TWO?!"

  I don't know if she's fully realized that "Ani" is going to be Darth Vader, though she did note that he shares last name with Luke...  


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